Can't make a secret of a specific type

How do I make a secret of a specific type in Rancher 2.3.2? Adding a parameter for type does not seem to work.

Full Details:
I’m trying to make a ceph storage class for dynamic provisioning.

Following the instructions here:

I have made a storage class with the required information and made a secret for the admin key. The secret has to be of type, but I can’t seem to be able to make a secret with a specific type.

This is the secret I have made:

If I view the secret in API, this is what I get, notice that type is a random string and not (I redacted the key)


    "annotations": {
        "": "true"
    "baseType": "secret",
    "created": "2019-11-24T20:25:40Z",
    "createdTS": xxx,
    "creatorId": "user-4vn7v",
    "data": {
        "key": "xxx",
        "type": "a3ViZXJwuZXRlcy5by9yYmQ="
    "id": "p-q9hwm:ceph-admin-secret",
    "kind": "Opaque",
    "labels": {
        "": "norman"
    "links": {
        "remove": "…/v3/project/xxx/secrets/p-q9hwm:ceph-admin-secret",
        "self": "…/v3/project/xxx/secrets/p-q9hwm:ceph-admin-secret",
        "update": "…/v3/project/xxx/secrets/p-q9hwm:ceph-admin-secret"
    "name": "ceph-admin-secret",
    "namespaceId": null,
    "projectId": "xxx",
    "type": "secret",
    "uuid": "xxx"


This is the error I get in the volume:
Failed to provision volume with StorageClass "ceph6": failed to get admin secret from ["default"/"ceph-admin-secret"]: failed to get secret from ["default"/"ceph-admin-secret"]: Cannot get secret of type a few seconds ago

I was able to fox the problem by creating a yaml file and applying it via kubectl, but as far as I can tell there is no way to create a secret of specific type via the GUI. Am I missing something or should this be a bug report?

That would probably need to be a feature request.