Cant Seem to remove Volume Unknown_Exception when host is deleted (Solved Rancher v1.3.2)

I have a bunch of error “Unknow_exception” when removing volume and not sure how to clear them up, tried using the cli but no luck

Been Looking in the api and database looks like the error message is
"message": “Error response from daemon: Unable to remove volume, volume still in use: remove 03dbeb7cb8ff8c2b022e435cecbbc309c2f549387087cb72e4d5672f497bd140: volume is in use - [77a3bb854ce23a44ce13a85e51ad056ec1dfbbcef8df696b5c86c88dfa999151]”,

But when I look in the database looks like it’s the volume is from and old host that is no longer there.

Anybody Have any idea?

This issue has been solved in Rancher v1.3.2.