Cattle-cluster-agent crashloopbackoff - Help me!

when I try to add a cluster to rancher rke2 it stays pending and in the logs of the cattle-cluster agent I see these errors

level=fatal msg="Certificate chain is not complete, please check if all needed intermediate certificates are included in the server certificate (in the correct order) and if the cacerts setting in Rancher either contains the correct CA certificate (in the case of using self signed certificates) or is empty (in the case of using a certificate signed by a recognized CA). Certificate information is displayed above. error: Get β€œhttps://xxxxxxxx”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

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The error message seems to be pretty self explanatory, what is it you don’t understand ?

Sound like your using self sign certs?
If so , make sure your using the correct registration commend in rancher ui.

Rancher docs

I have executed on one of the nodes of the cluster that I want to import the kubectl insecure command to avoid the validation of the certificates when they are self-signed, but I still have the cluster pending and the cattle-cluster-agent pod gives an error. Any ideas?

There is a related problem and they point to a problem with version v2.6.5, do you advise me to uninstall and install a new version?


What is the version of the rke cluster?

rke2 version v1.21.6+rke2r1

Is it possible that it has something to do with the tolerances that the cattle-node-agent has?Rancher Docs: Rancher Agents