Change HA 9345 port - Google LB?

is possible change port 9345 for HA communication? Because I setup another server behind Google load balancer and only frontend ports what I can use are:

I haven’t tried this but there is some code suggesting that 9345 is the default and if you add a port to --advertise-address it will use it.

Yes… you can jsut add port to --advertise-address … like --advertise-address .

  1. But… why is there port 9345? I check it by nmap and nothing there…

  2. What “clustered” in HA does it mean?

It’s used for Hazelcast, the servers communicate with each other for locking and such, and some services are only active on one server at a time instead of running on all.

Ok, thank you for answers. I think my questions are resolved for now. :+1: