Change proxy setting in Environment

I’ve a running Rancher v1, needs it proxy settings to change for environment. Under cloud-config.yml its looked as,

HTTPS_PROXY: httx://
HTTP_PROXY: httx://
NO_PROXY: example.corp,localhost,,
http_proxy: httx://
https_proxy: httx://
no_proxy: example.corp,localhost,,

and the proxy settings need to change. I’ve tried by using the

  • sudo ros config set rancher.environment.http_proxy
    command, but restart reset to old value.
    Any idea how to do this?

Can’t figure this out.

Several methods are available to configure Windows to connect to the Internet using a proxy server. The method that will work best for you depends on the applications you use. I recommend using WPAD to configure Windows to use a proxy server on the Internet. The configuration is done using DNS or DHCP. It does not require parameters on client computers. Users can bring computers and devices from home or other locations and automatically open a proxy configuration on the Internet. Or they can use the configured proxy right away If you can’t figure it out yourself, it’s better to ask an expert! It was expensive but fast!