Clear All button under Audit Logs does nothing

The Clear All button under Audit Logs does nothing, no error, no console message, nothing.

I have realized that the “clear all” button is intended to clear search criteria. I was under the impression that it was intended to clear out the audit log.

This brings up 2 points -

  1. Please consider changing the “clear all” button name to “reset search filters”, or “clear filters”, etc. It is very confusing (to me) to say “clear all” on the page of audit log messages because it implies clearing of the messages.

  2. Speaking of which, how would one go about clearing out the audit log messages?

For number 2, currently there is no way to clear the audit logs. Please feel free to make an enhancement request in Github.

As for number 1, I will let the UI team know about the misleading button text to see their thoughts.