Cluster in error, new Rancher v. 2.5.2 deployment

Dear all,

I’ve just deployed a new Rancher instance v. 2.5.2, following the documentation (rancher v2.x “single-node-docker”), and everything seemed to went fine.

I’ve tried to deploy a K8S cluster on an Openstack provider, after configuring an RKS template and adding a specific Node template.

For the RKE template I’ve used the default config that gets proposed, customizing just the part that configures the Openstak provider.
The cluster gets deployed and seems … functioning, but I have the following errors presented in the dashboard regarding “This cluster is currently Error, - “cattle-global-data, system-library-rancher-monitoring” not found”
and on the Catalogs tabs
for - helm3-charts and charts with the following “Update failed: error: pathspec ‘origin master’ did not match any file(s) known to git. : exit status 1”

Can you help me to debug and eventually correct?

I’ve followed the “docs - rancher - v2.x - en - troubleshooting - kubernetes-resources - #ingress-controller” but without finding anything … evidently wrong.

Thank you very much for your attention,

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