Cluster Kubernetes + Rancher 2 + Letsencrypt

Good Morning!

I’m new to k8s and Rancher, I recently deployed a Kubernetes + Rancher cluster in the following scenario:

3 Nodes (VM)
1 Proxy / Nginx (VM)

I followed the installation using the official documentation:

When installing Rancher I used the option with the letsencrypt certificate where one of the requirements is
installation of cert-manager (it was installed via helm) and everything went well! I can access the
rancher web interface via https and the certificate worked ok!

However I am at a loss as to how to proceed in the case where I will deploy an application in my environment
and I would like a certificate to be generated for this application. I couldn’t move on, I tried to install
cert-manager via catalog in order to have access to some cert-manager interface but it didn’t work
I believe that the installation is in conflict with the installation of the cert-manager.

Has anyone been through this situation and can suggest a path for me?


If you’re using the same cluster you installed cert-manager and rancher into then you do not need to install cert-manager again. There is no “interface”/control panel for it, you use it by adding annotations to ingress rules requesting a cert. (or by manipulating CRDs, which the Rancher UI doesn’t show).

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try this one.

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