Configuration error PASS_MIN_LEN in SLES 12

recently I modify /etc/login.defs in a server with SLES 12 adding PASS_MIN_LEN parameter to accomplish the corporate policy with passwords length. After that, every time I executed a command related with user or group management I get the error:

configuration error - unknown item 'PASS_MIN_LEN' (notify administrator)

I have the same configuration in another servers with SLES 11 SP3 and I never got this message.
The command that causes this error is correctly executed but it’s annoying get this message every time.
Anybody knows how to correct this?
Thanks in advanced


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I have never had a need to modify the login.defs file but it appears from the login.defs man page that you need to specify both PASS_MAX_LEN and PASS_MIN_LEN. Is this what you specified?

Also, I noticed that the man page for login.defs on my SLES 11 SP3 system is different than the login.defs man page on SLES 12.


Thanks for your answer.
I re-read the login.defs man page in the two SLES versions and there are little differences. As you say, I specify PASS_MAX_LEN and PASS_MIN_LEN in the login.defs file but the message is the same. It’s only a warning message, because the command is executed correctly. The unique difference that I find from one version to the other is that there are more commands in the new version and only passwd command uses the PASS_MIN_LEN parameter. The rest of the commands about user/password management use others parameters and don’t like this parameter in the login.defs file. In pam configuration I don’t find any check of this parameter, so I have no solution for this problem yet.
By the moment, I delete this parameters from login.defs, but I would like to know why it doesn’t work in this SLES version.