Configure rancheros for private registry


I have a private nexus oss repository for public docker hub.
I saw that when installing some stuff on rancheros it just pull some images directly on internet.
I would like to specify the URL of my proxy registry.

Is there a way to configure this in rancheros ?

I am using a private registry for my system services and it works so I think you can do it in the cloud config file as well using the following format :

  command: my-command 

However you will have to manually login before pulling your images.


yes I can configure it when loading an image. But I was looking for a setting at OS level, because when you start rancheros the system is downloading some containers directly on internet. This doesn’t works on my network.

In our rancher/vagrant repository you can see how we use RancherOS and configure the registry:

I did this with the following lines in my cloud-config file: