Confirm Secure Boot Enabled

Having a problem installing a security tool and the vendor is telling me to disable secure boot. How can I check that secure boot is enabled or configured?

@Dwayne Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Depends on the SLE release… Try the command (as root user) bootctl

bootctl status
File system " /boot" is not a FAT EFI System Partition (ESP) file system.

Not sure if tells me anything about a secure boot. Anything else I can try?


@Dwayne Hi, then lets see if it’s using UEFI booting with efibootmgr -v

You could also do the quick and dirty method of parsing dmesg. I.e.
sudo dmesg | grep -i “secure boot”
The tool ‘efivar’ also can give some information, but the parameter names… wow. =)
There’s a lot of love for the tool ‘efitools’, which a lot of people use to validate things like this. Unfortunately I can’t find a native 15.2 repo for it. Probably more my inexperience than anything. =)

@Davonious Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Just grab the src rpm from and rebuild locally (as your user!) with rpmbuild --rebuild efitools-1.9.2-1.1.src.rpm it will create a directory in $HOME/rpmbuild down in the RPMS directory will be your binaries to install with zypper (as root user) :wink: