Connection refused on websocket exposed by a container

Hello, I am quite new to Rancher.
I want to use rancher to automatize the deployment of my containers. The container consists in a simple jar which:

  • Exposes a simple HTTP server (30060:6000/tcp)
  • Opens a websocket, through HTTPS (30050:5000/tcp)

I am able to successfully start my container and connect to its internal HTTP server from any external client. However, I encounter a “connection refused” error when trying to connect to its websocket.

My container POST request body is the following:

"type": "container",
"name": "engine",
"imageUuid": engine:2,
"ports":["30060:6000/tcp", "30050:5000/tcp"]

The container already includes a certificate for the HTTPS websocket, valid for the domain
From docker, I can work it out by specifying --network-alias ; however, I don’t know how to specify an alias from rancher.

Thanks in advance for your help,


After some research, I think it would work by setting up a network alias to my container, but I do not how to do it using Rancher. Any ideas ?