Console, logs, and stats not working with servers in a different network from rancher

I have a three node cluster of rancher-ha version 1.02. I have ha-proxy sitting in front of the rancher-ha cluster sending traffic to port 80 on each rancher server in the ha cluster. The ha-proxy uses port 8080 and sends the traffic to port 80 on each rancher cluster node. I have another set of rancher servers set to a rancher environment which are using the rancher DNS name that points to the ha-proxy server. These servers are in the same network as the rancher-ha server and console, logs and stats are working. I have another rancher environment using the same DNS name going to the same ha-proxy but they are in a different network than the rancher-ha cluster. The logs, stats and console is not working on these servers. Everything else works, I can add stacks, see the host, start/stop containers I just can’t access the logs,console or stats. Is there another port that has to be open?

I’d assume you had looked at the requirements of what is required to be open.

When you face the issue that you have, it’s typically due to different timestamps on your server and your hosts.

Thank you for the reply. The issue ended up being the servers are in two different time zones.

Was the time otherwise accurate on both servers? The timezone shouldn’t matter because it should be encoded and converted as GMT. So if they’re both accurate that’s probably a bug.