Container hostname rmi

I have a small challenge using a RMI service over rancher.

I have a remote JCS cache. It seems that JCS will lookup it’s own hostname and return the IP registered.
Right now it will return a 172.17.0.x address.

Is there a way of forcing the local hostname of container to be resolved as the container IP?

I hope I made myself clear :smile:

After a complete removal of service (including images) and a new deployement, the container suddenly started listening on the correct port.
I do not know why. Maybe a glitch in the DNS service.
I’ll see if I can reproduce this issue after some more testing.

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it turned out I’m facing the same issue again.

So, is it possible to get hostname of container to resolve to the container ip?

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Not sure if this helps but this is what we do to get the Rancher IP (as opposed to the Docker IP) for the container.

EUREKA_INSTANCE_HOSTNAME=$(curl http://rancher-metadata/latest/self/container/primary_ip)

We pass this as a parameter to Eureka, not sure if you can do that with JCS

yes, I think I need to something similar.

I belive jcs is using inetaddress.getlocalhost and this might return wrong IP.

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I answer my own question yet again :slightly_smiling:

I needed to set -Djava.rmi.server.hostname= -Djava.rmi.server.useLocalHostname=true

This will force rmi server to use correct managed ip for service.

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