Containers per stack limit

Hi, thanks for a great product :slight_smile:
How many containers can I add into a stack? Is there any limit? Like adding 10,000 containers to a single stack.

I really need the answer.

I don’t have the answer you’re looking for but I also don’t quite get the question. Stacks are a set of services. Are you asking the total number of services in a stack (so number of containers each a service), or are you asking about total number of instantiated containers (a couple of services scaled to 10K)?

The latter should work assuming that you have enough resources to run everything.

@egnoriega Thank you for your reply.
Imagine 10K services that each service scaled to 100. All services are assigned to managed network and are on the same stack. Also, imagine I have enough resources. Could Rancher scale enough in this situation?

No, no product is going to handle anywhere near a million containers in one environment/cluster/whatever. Docker starts exploding at hundreds per host. K8s defaults to 110 pods per host. Our managed network is a /16 or environment (= 65535 containers), etc.

So what should I do instead? Should I spread the containers between environments? How can I proxy a request to its related service when services and the proxy are on the different networks?