Coredns container fails with loop failure

I’ve got k3d v4.2.0

When I create a new cluster, the coredns container in the kube-system pod goes into a CrashLoopBackoff state.
Looking at the logs for that container, I see:

    [INFO] plugin/reload: Running configuration MD5 = 442b35f70385f5c97f2491a0ce8a27f6
    linux/amd64, go1.15.3, 054c9ae
    [FATAL] plugin/loop: Loop ( -> :53) detected for zone ".", see Query: "HINFO 

Any idea what’s causing this?

The interesting thing is that this command creates a healthy cluster where the above problem isn’t happening:

k3d cluster create cluster1

but this command causes the problem:

k3d cluster create cluster1 --volume /tmp/:/tmp/