CoreDNS & Rancher 2.0

Hi, I’m new to Rancher, and I’m using 2.0.
I read this interesting article about load balancing strategies:

I have a question about the last paragraph: “Programming ingress LB address to public DNS”

I created on Rancher two ingress based on two different hostname (L7 balancing) and now i would like to register both on the same public IP (then Rancher resolves each address on a different workload, based on different port, it’s very simple and helpful)

In our scenario (on-premise, not cloud) we have not any DNS providers supported by external-dns project, so we are not able to programmatically register ingress-addresses in a external DNS server.
But I read that Rancher 2.0 could adopt CoreDNS, and it could act as DNS server for our Rancher installation.

Alternatevely, is there a way to use SkyDNS or other solution to obtain the same result?

I found this, is a new planned feature?

Thank you!