Create EKS cluster using REST API

I have started down the path to provision an EKS cluster using the rest API however I am having a difficult time forming my request based on the “Generic” nature of the API.

According to this question, using the api is the way to go: Create EKS Cluster by Rancher cli

I could also use terraform, as the provider looks pretty straight forward, but I was hoping to add some quick stuff to my gitlab pipeline to standup a cluster, run tests, and then tear-down afterwards so was hoping to get away with some curl commands - but perhaps I am just being naive :slight_smile:

It seems like i should just be able to POST to the v3/clusters endpoint with necessary http params including setting cloud_provider to AWS and my AWS tokens/secrets etc, only I can’t figure what those params are. I have been combing through the schema returned from v3/clusters/schemas and referencing this: but so far it feels like a massive game of guess-and-check which makes me think I am missing something

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