Create stack from catalog using API

Hi all,

how to create a catalog stack using API?

I would like to deploy Rancher NFS directly after setting up the system using API but can’t find how to do that.
Could someone please help?

There is not a specific API for this; the UI gets the compose files from the catalog (/v1-catalog/templates/ , find the specific catalog/templateversion you want) and then sends it to create stack (POST /v2-beta/projects/1a5/stacks with those file contents as the compose files. Detecting it as a catalog item and the upgrade checking and all that is done by setting the stack’s externalId to catalog:// + the ID of the templateVersion.

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Thanks Vincent,

it works like a charm. Just wondering why API endpoint is v1-catalog. Are there any plans to move it to v2-beta?

There are several things that are run as separate microservices and not part of cattle itself, each have their own version number and suffix. /v1-auth, /v1-webhooks, /v1-telemetry (if enabled), etc.

We are trying to use the above mentioned Method to create stack from catalog.

When we try to send the files that we get from /v1-catalog/templateversions for the POST of /v2-beta/projects/1a5/stacks we get the following response.


How to debug this kind of response. Not much information available

Can you post the actual request body & headers?

I am trying to integrate Create catalog API using python requests…


import requests, json

 /* Getting the docker-compose and rancher-compose content from mysql catalog */

resp = requests.get('http://x.x.x.x:x/v1-catalog/templateversions/community:mysql:0', auth=('E492D67A8E8C221CCABC', 'xb6qsZQFegcydwmvX4axvnnXLAXi4eMoMuzFmYos'), headers={"Content-Type":"application/json"})
var = json.loads(resp.text)

docker_compose = var['files']['docker-compose.yml.tpl']
rancher_compose = var['files']['rancher-compose.yml']

/*  Creating the payload(request body) for creating stack */

post_data = {"system":False,"type":"stack","name":"mysql","startOnCreate":True,"environment":{"mysql_lb_port":"3306","mysql_root_password":"next","mysql_image":"mysql:latest","mysql_database":"","mysql_user":"","mysql_password":"","mysql_allow_empty_password":"no","mysql_random_root_password":"no","mysql_onetime_password":"no"},"dockerCompose":docker_compose,"rancherCompose":rancher_compose,"externalId":"catalog://community:mysql:0"}

 /* Catalog create post request */

data ='http://x.x.x.x:x/v2-beta/projects/1a5/stacks', auth=('E492D67A8E8C221CCABC', 'xb6qsZQFegcydwmvX4axvnnXLAXi4eMoMuzFmYos'), headers={"Content-Type":"application/json"}, data=post_data)
print data.text

Output (Error):


How to debug this kind of response. Not much information available.

That looks like you’re trying to post the raw dictionary instead of encoding it to a JSON string. So you’re probably sending whatever the “toString” of a dictionary is, which isn’t JSON and the server has no idea how to parse it.

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Thanks @vincent. Tried your solution. Its working fine now.