crm configure ERROR: lsb:nfsserver: could not parse meta-dat

I am building a two-node SLES 11 HA cluster.

I am using the Suse procedure here:

All the checks are good up until 4.2. NFS Kernel Server Resource.

When I run this in the crm shell…
configure# primitive p_lsb_nfsserver \ lsb:nfsserver \ op monitor interval=“30s”

I get these errors everytime.
ERROR: lsb:nfsserver: could not parse meta-data:
ERROR: lsb:nfsserver: no such resource agent

The instructions say “The name of the lsb resource type must be exactly identical to the filename of the NFS server init script” This checks out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Solution: Switch to root user with “su -” not just “su”

I needed to change the effective user id and group id to that of root by making the shell a login shell with su dash.

su -

I found this in another Novell forum.

Hi joshepps,

thanks for sharing that!