Cron-style container execution

Hi All

I’ve been having a go with Rancher and I’m really liking it so far.

I’m thinking ahead to a potential project I want to have a go at, and was hoping to get some advice as to how to proceed (or if I should even bother).

Essentially what I’m looking to do is create an external scheduler which I can use to take hundreds of containers and run them as cron jobs at specified times. I guess how the logic works isn’t important at this stage, but each image would have a cron-style definition of when it’s to be run, stored in a DB somewhere, and the scheduler system would dynamically create a schedule of “containers to run” at specific times. It would also ensure no more than X containers run at any one time, etc.

Obviously this will be a custom system, but I’m hoping to run on top of Rancher (as that will be used for other bits and pieces). In an ideal world, I’d like to send a “docker run” API request when I want a container to be run by rancher, and then receive some kind of notification when it terminates, along with the exit code.

I’m not sure what the best approach to take would be - as in, what stuff rancher supports out of what I need. Is there a “run once” API call, for example.

Sorry my question is a bit waffly, would appreciate any feedback from anyone who can offer any insight.

Many thanks

The good news (or bad news, I’m not sure) is that you aren’t the first to ask. You can add your +1 and follow along here: