Cross host networking trouble

I have two hosts running in GCE and I’m trying to set up a load balancer between two services. I’m using managed networking for the services. The LB and one service instance are running on one host, and the 2nd service instance is running on the other host. The LB container isn’t able to ping the Rancher managed IP for the container running on the other host. Where do I begin with troubleshooting?


HAP config

server 5ca66101-37bc-497d-89b7-ca38c8ae5670
server df65d387-9d80-455b-9f5a-7aa21bcb178b

I can ping from the LB container, but not the address.

Hm, just noticed the IPs for my hosts are the same. Going to assume that’s part of the problem and restart the agent with -e CATTLE_AGENT_IP.

Yes that was in fact the problem. I’m off to the races now!