Custom authentication in Rancher

Hi everyone,

We need to add a custom authentication to Rancher. I’m really new on rancher so I’m a little bit lost. I have not found any documentation to add a custom authentication, so any kind of advice to know where to start looking for would be great.

What do you mean by “custom”? There are many providers/protocols supported but there is no “plugin” mechanism or anything like that to load arbitrary new ones into the API server or UI.

Hi Vincent,

thank you for your response. We have made a fork of the Okta solution and have changed internal behavior on the authentication process. I’m sorry I have not more information at the moment as I’m not implied on that part.

Is really good to know that there is no “plugin” mechanism, and the ones on the documentation are the options that we have. So we will try the option of using the Okta option and check deeply why is not working.

Thank you again,