Custom CA in S3 backup target


I successfully install longhorn on my cluster and I use ceph (S3) as a backup target.
My company has a private network with custom CA.
I modified the files in helm chart to mount the CA as a volume for the ui (I can now browse the page without error).
But how can I inject the CA in the pod/deployment managed by longhorn. In particular, I’m interested to modify the instancemanager pods because I see in the logs x509 : signed by unknow authority each time I want to do a backup.

Thanks for the help


Hi @nicolas87

We’ve just implemented this feature in the upcoming v1.0.0. Check for details. The document is currently at and will be merged into master when GA v1.0.0 released.

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Hi @yasker

Thank you for the links.
I often read the issues to follow the dev but that one slip out of my watch.

Do I need to use master if I want to test or the 0.8.1 release already got it ?


Hi @nicolas87

You can test it using upcoming v1.0.0-RC1, which should be out early next week. But it would require a new setup since it’s not upgradable from/to other version.

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I successfully used it !

Thank you very much :smiley: