Custom catalogs

I was so excited to check out the new catalog feature, only to fall on the inability to override the catalog URL for the catalog service.

First I thought it was simply overlooked in the docs, as there I could only find that it “By default, the catalog is directed to our Github repository for templates.”, but no indiction how to customize this.

So I set out to see where this value came from, and see if there was any way to override it. But I fail to find any references to the rancher-catalog.git repo at all, in any repo. So now I’m really stumped. Where does this default value even come from?

Q: But more importantly, can I, and if so, how, provide a custom catalog git URL?

I feel I’ve still not grasped how services are started in the rancher server image… as I did find this, but not how it got there:
773 ? Sl 0:00 rancher-catalog-service -catalogUrl -refreshInterval 300

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Ok, I found this isue, which I think could’ve been worth having as known issues in the release note… :wink:

Which hinted at how to change the config, nice! :smile:

Now I hit this issue:

Haven’t yet figured out where this ./DATA dir is so I can delete it…

EDIT: … so, I restarted rancher to get a clean slate, and it cloned the catalog nicely. Profit :smile: