Custom Endpoint for AmazonEC2 Machine Driver?

Is it possible to change the endpoint URL of the Amazon EC2 Machine driver?
We have an on-premise cloud solution which implements EC2 API. So since the commands and API are identical I would only have to change the endpoint to direct the requests to our infrastructure.
Is there a way to change this URL somewhere?

Thanks, Chris

No, that is not an option in the docker-machine driver.

You could pull it out of docker-machine into a standalone driver, change the ec2 client to point where you want or expose the option, and then load that as a custom machine/node driver in Rancher.

…and then do the same for the ui component for the ec2 driver, if you want the same interactive UI vs the generic fill in all the fields one.

Are you sure? :thinking: To me it seems like an option that has been around for a while: