Custom nodes and Importing clusters

When I build a new Kubernetes cluster using Rancher, which is a recommended approach? Where the differences are?

I think the formar uses RKE and RKE-related products works in the cluster. The latter doesn’t.
I prefer less agent daemons and control containers under the cluster.

Hi @hashimotor , it’s an old question but I couldn’t find an answer yet. The official installation guide uses RKE to create a Kubernetes cluster and then shows how to install Rancher using Helm so we can import the created cluster. I am still wondering if it is the best way. Imported rancher clusters does not support project level network isolation. We can set label for each POD in a project and create a NetworkPolicy referring to the label. This way I can accidentally forget to set the label. On the other hand, I don’t need to create projects only for network isolation if I set it manually.

Could you get any answer to your question somewhere else?