Custom openSUSE with LXDE for netbook

I think the Studio is awsome, being able to build your own customized

I’m trying to build a minimal openSUSE with LXDE and just some extras
like Firefox, Thunderbird, nano, Filezilla to put on my netbook, a Dell
mini 10v with 1GB RAM, 1.6 Atom, very good machine but can’t handle KDE
very good.

So I started with the minimal, added X Window pattern, then LXDE
pattern, then chose to start in init 5 graphical mode but I can’t seem
to make it load the LXDE, it gets stuck after the logo and I also cannot
start it by console using either “start x, startlxde, etc”.

I also tried to build from KDE OpenSUSE, by removing the KDE pattern and
adding LXDE, but for some reason it boots into KDE desktop, :).

Can you guys guide me in adding the correct packages for LXDE enviroment

OpenSUSE 12.2 x64 KDE

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Try searching in Gallery for already shared appliance
Clone it and tailor to your needs.