Dangling node after registration


one of our nodes was down for two days and we had to remove/reinstall the node. It is now back up and we used the Rancher GUI to add the node to the existing rancher cluster.

Sadly it is reconnecting the whole time and the logs on the rancher server container are filled with

time="2019-10-07T06:06:45Z" level=info msg="Shutting down backend 428ea24f-f3fe-472e-5432-9c2661696b2a. Connection closed because: websocket: close 1006 unexpected EOF."
time="2019-10-07T06:06:45Z" level=info msg="Removed backend. Key: 428ea24f-f3fe-472e-5432-9c2661696b2a. Session ID ceeb4042-f680-47bb-8c86-8bbb2b397aa1 ."
time="2019-10-07T06:06:46Z" level=info msg="Shutting down backend 477ba51d-6331-41aa-4439-0a75a00739fc. Connection closed because: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer."
time="2019-10-07T06:06:46Z" level=info msg="Removed backend. Key: 477ba51d-6331-41aa-4439-0a75a00739fc. Session ID 0d90ec7a-8733-4522-ac6b-11b10409f6ef ."

We already cleaned up the host, removed any docker images/volumes/containers but this is still happening. Both nodes are running Debian 9 and Docker 17.09 (node 1) and Docker 17.12 (node 2).

We wanted to switch to Rancher 2 by now but K8s seems to be much more complicated than we would have it to be so it would be awesome if we could get our Rancher 1x Cluster back in normal performance.

Kind regards,