deadlock on system suse 11 SP4 caused by raid kernel driver

System is getting hung very frequently caused by raid1 kernel driver deadlock

I beleive SP4 is already occupied wit necessary patches to fix the deadlock situation caused by raid1 driver.

The system is currently holding SP4 version on Suse enterprise linux 11

any leads would be appreciated


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Since nobody has responded yet, it may be because nobody else has seen
this. Who is the vendor for the driver you are using? I am guessing not
SUSE, but either way you may want to contact the vendor to get support
directly from them. Perhaps the hardware is faulty, in which case the
driver may show up as having problems, or maybe the driver itself is bad.

SLES 12 is also out, as is SLES 15, so you may want to try one of those to
see if newer kernels will help.

Good luck.

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