Hi all,

I’m using SLED-11 SP2 32bit with gnome only.
Recently I used gdb for my c program, and during gdb run below message display

Missing separate debuginfo for /lib/
Try: zypper install -C “debuginfo(build-id)=745aea8f0c8a80e95f121101a125f51d29430e0a”
Missing separate debuginfo for /lib/
Try: zypper install -C “debuginfo(build-id)=6a0ee05c3351ee823202ca481b1ef244479d0460”

I tried to install, but no packages found, but gdb working for my program.

Can any one help me, what is those packages for.

debuginfo package have all of the symbols included, which means when you
use gdb you get more human-readable data to debug whatever you are
debugging in gdb. If the debuginfo packages are not part of DVD2 or DVD3
you may be able to find them on, or you may need to
request them from support, or you could build them yourself from source.
Connsidering these are supposed to match your installed software exactly
I’d probably avoid the last one unless you are very confident with how
this all works.

Good luckj.