Default kube-dns cluster IP address

Hi, I have a test cluster with kube-dns having the IP Is this the default IP with every Rancher deployed cluster or can it change? I’ll try to explain my problem.

To have a RWX volume shared by multiple pods, I am using the NFS server provisioner which creates NFS volumes on top of some storage backend. This works but I have a problem with Velero backups. When Velero (with Restic for file level backup) backs up a deployment having multiple pods that share the same NFS volume, Velero repeats the backup for the same volume for each of the pods, which is a waste of time. Not only that, restore does’t work because Velero attempts to restore the same volume concurrently for each pod.

For this reason, I am trying to have the NFS volume in a dedicated namespace with a single pod, and have Velero backup the volume that way, which works fine with a single pod. Then I would have the pods of the actual application sharing that volume from another namespace.

The problem is that NFS mounts require that the host (not just the pods) can resolve the NFS service dns name (nfs-server.nfs.svc.cluster.local where nfs is the namespace), which does not work. In theory I could fix this by enabling dnsmasq and configuring DNS on the host so that requests to resolve *.cluster.local are resolved by kube-dns. But for this I need to know which IP of kube-dns to add to the DNS config on the host, outside kubernetes. That’s why I am asking if the IP is the default IP for kube-dns for clusters deployed with Rancher.

Thanks in advance.