Deploy a vault image in rancher


Being a hyper beginner on rancher, I wanted to have your help on the implementation of a docker image (taken on docker hub): vault
It is a software to store passwords

1 / on docker hub, I took the official image:
2 / I created a label “vault.db” for the tagged on a host (that’s what we do in general for some services :))
3 / I created my service rancher by putting a name image “vault” and a service name: “vault” (again I have a big doubt about that, I do not know too much or get the name of the image in docker hub, at the beginning I put in image name “hashicorp / docker-vault”, but I got an error message like: "Expected state running but get error: Error
response from daemon: denied access denied for hashicorp / docker-vault,
repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’ ")

4 / In the volume tab, I added my docker volume “/ srv / docker-vault / vault / file: / vault / file”
5 / In the scheduling tab, I configured my label “vault.db = true”
7 / In the command tab, I add the following environment variables:
VAULT_LOCAL_CONFIG = / vault / file
default_lease_ttl = 168h
max_lease_ttl = 720h
8 / I “save” my service configuration
9 / Then I get the following error message: Error loading configuration from / vault / config: error loading “/vault/config/local.json”: At 1: 7: expected ‘/’ for comment
Could not start vault with IPC_LOCK. Disabling IPC_LOCK, please use --privileged or --cap-add IPC_LOCK

I had to make a mistake in lysing the doc, would you have any idea? :slight_smile:

Best regards