Deploy swarm cluster using rancher

Hi All,
i am newer with rancher and docker technology ,I need to deploy swarm cluster using rancher.
what i did i added swarm environment then add 2 new server , i don’t know if this cluster swarm or not and if i added new container will it be installed on 2 swarm hosts ?


After you added the 2 new server, is there at least 1 swarm and 1 swarm-agent container running?

Hello Denise,
Thanks for your response.
On each new server i have defined two new hosts for each server and i have swarm agent on each node.
How i can check if it is clustered or not



Same question here. I’ve deployed a Swarm environment on two hosts and now I want to deploy my application.
I don’t understand what we need. When I try to deploy a project with docker-compose.yml, I have an error:

Error (exit status 1: Creating network “kuzzle_default” with the default driver 500 Internal Server Error: failed to parse pool request for address space “GlobalDefault” pool “” subpool “”: cannot find address space GlobalDefault (most likely the backing datastore is not configured) )

What I understand is we need to use a value-key storage like Consul? But how can we configure it?
Maybe a short blog post or a quick tuto could be really helpful on this subject (Rancher + Swarm + Multi Host).

(thanks for Rancher btw, I really enjoy to play with it!)


Same situation here… A post to do this will be VERY appreciated.

Rancher HA + Swarm + Multiple Host

I think this config must be very common :slight_smile: