Deploymend of Pods with defined numbers instead of random numbers

Hi, I would like to deploy a workload via the Rancher catalog. As an example I use the Elastic Search (ES). The workload starts 3 Pods on three reserved nodes. I want the pods to have an exact name, for example: es-seven-0, es-seven-1 etc…
Unfortunately the Rancher always assigns random strings like es-seven-hsk49…
When I deploy the ES with kubectl or via helm3 charts I get exact names.
Unfortunately not via the Rancher catalog. I have implemented many commands in the catalog charts. Unfortunately it does not work! I need the Deploymend from the Rancher catalog.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem?


Many greetings
Tino Brandt

I have solved the problem, it was not the Rancher 2.x!
Please close the ticket!