DHCP from lan network (bridge)

Hello Everyone.

We are testing rancher (moving from kvm virtualization) how can i get DHCP address in a container (from the LAN DHCP server) ?. We want to move our VM definition (networking, config ,etc) from VMs in KVM --> docker. We are DHCP reservation for some VMs and we need to kept this.

thanks in adavance


@maxpao - If I understand you correctly, you want to assign DHCP ip address to your containers, right?

To do that, start the docker daemon with the -b (bridge) option and specify the name of the lan bridge interface as the value to the -b flag.

Hello, thanks, but… mmm. Can i do this from the web interface? if not, the is any plugin like socketplane (supported?) o other SDN that can I configure in the rancher web interface?