Digital Ocean Persistent Volumes - How are folks implementing this?

We just lost a chunk of a staging database and have taken a sudden interest in persistent volumes. Unfortunately, persistent volumes feel like an elusive shape-shifter so I’m not even sure what terms to search for.

It looks like Luis Gustavo Spern Barreto had a solution for this last summer with his REX-Ray DOBS DRIVER, but it would not run on our Rancher server (v1.6.14).

REX-Ray maintains a Digital Ocean Block Storage PLUGIN but we avoid SSH’ing into our servers.

Or maybe there is a way to get one of the rancher-nfs/efs/ebs catalog entries would do the trick?

But in my minds eye there should be a way for us to spin up something running across all our hosts that is configured with my DO API key, manages all the mounting / configuration required by DO, and allows all hosts to have shared access to the DO Volume / Block Storage.

If you’ve done this, or have any guidance, I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance!

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Looking for this as well. It seems that the REX-Ray DOBS Plugin doesn’t help as Block Storage can only be attached to a single Droplet at a time. Which unfortunately makes it unusable to share the same storage between various nodes. Let me know if you found a solution. Until than I will probably have to move to AWS

@jaschaio No solution on our team yet. I will update here if we figure something out.

The appropriate place for orchestrating actual mounting/unmounting of DO block storage would be in their cloud-provider plugin, but they do not support anything with volumes yet.