DNS Service Discovery across Multiple AWS Hosts

We have a deployment running as shown above. We the web service linking to a Redis service. Every time we try to scale this setup with multiple hosts, the web services are not able to connect with the redis services on different hosts, this only happens in our production environment, which is in a VPC. The exact same setup works in our staging environment so I am a bit stumped as to what configuration setting needs to be tweaked.

Any insights into debugging would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,

oh and our rancher setup is

Rancher v0.43.1
Cattle v0.106.0
User Interface v0.63.0
Rancher Compose v0.5.0

After you add another host, have you confirmed that cross host communication still works? When you scale up the web service, is it the first and only container that’s running on it? You might be hitting https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/486.

But I would also like to recommend upgrading to the latest release (v0.47.0). In v0.46.0, we added improvements to the Rancher DNS Service discovery.

Thanks Denise, it see to connect intermittently but has been stable for now. What’s the best way to upgrade?

We are currently on v0.50.1, and here are the docs for upgrading.


If you follow the announcements category in the forums, you’ll get an email each time we release a version of Rancher.

Awesome thanks denise