Docker command line arguments in rancher

Hi, I need to run a NFS server container using

That container runs like this:
docker run -d --name nfs --privileged cpuguy83/nfs-server /path/to/share /path/to/share2 /path/to/shareN

If I want to create a rancher service with that docker image, where should I specify those arguments (/path/to/share /path/to/share2 /path/to/shareN)?

Besides that, do you have any experience implementing NFS service in docker? which docker image do you suggest?

Hi @marceloaguero,

Those options are passed as command and args (see the general form docs for the run command), and are available under the advanced options section on the Add Service page.

Ref. to the Dockerfile docs for the CMD directive how command vs. entrypoint is used.

In case entrypoint is defined, and not overridden by the run command, the command and its arguments are simply passed as (additional) arguments to the entrypoint.

I understand. I’ll keep this in mind when defining my own entrypoints.

I don’t see an advanced options section under Add Service. I’m running 1.6.0.

Is it just me?

That screenshot is almost 2 years old so the UI looks a lot different, but the same command and endpoint field exist.