Docker ID in log stream

When use logging driver awslogs, if I don’t define awslogs-stream, the log for each container will be automatically exported to log group docker with log stream Docker ID (A hash key for that container)


  driver: awslogs
    awslogs-group: docker
    awslogs-region: us-east-2

The document gives the same statement


To configure which log stream should be used, you can specify the awslogs-stream log option. If not specified, the container ID is used as the log stream.

Note: Log streams within a given log group should only be used by one container at a time. Using the same log stream for multiple containers concurrently can cause reduced logging performance.

What I try to do is, I’d like to add postfix after this Docker ID, such as ${docker_id}-${team}-${project}-${environment}

what can I do?

Update 1

Maybe I got the answer by myself,

Amazon CloudWatch Logs logging driver - tag

Update 2

Not sure if Rancher support log tag or not.

Issue: awslogs driver doesn’t support tag option