Docker-machine --vmwarevsphere-cloudinit support?

Does RancherOS support passing a cloud config file to vmwarevsphere via the docker-machine flag vmwarevsphere-cloudinit? I’m trying with 1.1.0-rc2 and it doesn’t seem to work. Or is there another way to accomplish the same thing? I’m not sure how to populate the guestinfo that is mentioned in RancherOS’ documentation. I’m guessing that’s from within vcenter if I was installing the OS without docker-machine?

I investigated further. It seems the URL is passed through properly but that the URL is attempting to load as a file first, failing that and not attempting to load it as a URL.

$ docker-machine version
docker-machine version 0.12.2, build 9371605
$ docker-machine create -d vmwarevsphere --help | grep cloud
–vmwarevsphere-cloudinit vSphere cloud-init file or url to set in the guestinfo [$VSPHERE_CLOUDINIT]

level=info msg="Fetching user-data from datasource VMWare: (lasterror: %!s())
level=info msg="Read from “”: ""
level=info msg="Read from “”: ""
level=info msg="Read from “cloud-init.config.url”: ""
level=error msg="no such file or directory"
level=info msg=“Fetching meta-data from datasource VMWare”

Nevermind, I got it to work now.

Hey Steven, How did you make it work? I’ve been trying to get cloud-init working for a bit now. :expressionless:


You need 1.1.0-rc2 for the openvm-tools support. I think my error is related to configuring vmwarevsphere itself over RPC, which I didn’t really need. I realized that despite that error Rancher itself was able to see the cloud config. Still, Rancher seemed to ignore some cloud config commands in rancher.state like autoformat and dev, so I ended up just installing rancher using the cloud config instead.