Docker Unable to remove filesystem when rke up


My setup consists of Rancher 2.0.6, setup with rke, storageos persistent storage backend and kubernetes v1.10.5 running on Docker 17.3.2.

When I want to rerun rke, e.g., for adding additional nodes, I often get the following error

FATA[0064] [controlPlane] Failed to bring up Control Plane: Can't remove Docker container [old-kube-controller-manager] for host []: Error response from daemon: Unable to remove filesystem for d906d15edf2caf5f30f9458eca0837293a42be34479492301fead748bae51b77: remove /var/lib/docker/containers/d906d15edf2caf5f30f9458eca0837293a42be34479492301fead748bae51b77/shm: device or resource busy

Sometimes, rerunning rke helps here, in worst case I restart the Docker daemon. It’s ok for my test-cluster but in future, when in Production, I would like to avoid this situation.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,