DockerHub: Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers

What does this mean?

API error (500): {“message”:“Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)”}

More specifically, how do we run Rancher in AWS to create a K8S cluster and NOT run into pedantic issues?

It means docker can’t pull images from the registry because there’s no outbound internet, or it’s blocked. “Internet access” is not a “pedantic issue”.

The VPC and Security Group is set up correctly. When logged into the Rancher Server host, I can curl external hosts such as Docker Hub. When I am logged into the container running the server, CURL works there too. Hosts inside the VPC are able to get out. The issue seems to be either bad documentation, or an issue in Rancher.

Again, is there clear, accurate, authoritative documentation on how to set this up? Better, do you have a set of Terraform scripts that are kept up to date by engineering, that are tested every day, that I can use to set up the environment?

Images are pulled by the docker daemon on the host (not on the server, or in the server container), and Rancher has nothing to do with it; We call the docker remote api and tell it to launch a a container with this spec, docker pulls the image and starts the container.

Try docker pull ubuntu:trusty or something on a host. If a simple curl works but pulling doesn’t, maybe the MTU on the host is wrong?

I now have a working cluster. I have a simple, 7-step installation process nailed down and working flawlessly.

I found four fundamental mistakes in your documentation. I would like to suggest you find some new-hire and have them install Rancher with no help at all, and document the steps. They should be able to get this down to 7 steps as I did.

Hint: Go read your co-opetitions’ documentation, it works!

Is there a need to be quite so confrontational ? This is an open source community which, like many others, is made stronger because of the positive contributions of its membership. I agree that every part of the Rancher documentation is not perfect, so if you have found some flaws and have some suggestions about how it can be improved then, instead of whinging, make a positive contribution yourself for the benefit of everybody!


Error response from daemon: Get https://dockerregistry:port/v2/: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers

i am getting an error like this when i m trying to pull the code from docker registry to dev server.
can anyone please resolve it
thanks in advance