Does Rancher purge unused docker images on host?

Does it? If it does, what policy does it use to purge images? We upgrade existing containers very often and if Rancher doesn’t purge unused images then we will need to build up something to do the purging, otherwise it will eventually eat up all disk space on host.

If you are using a Cattle environment, just use the “Janitor” catalog item, it cleans up exited containers and images.

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@Phillip_Ulberg Thanks a lot, looks exactly what we need, will try it out.

By default janitor leaves and images with rancher/* alone … after recent upgrade 1.1 -> 1.2 - 1.3
I see I have quite a few rancher/* images hanging around… what’s the strategy for cleaning those up?

Nevermind … relaunched janitor eliminating the restriction and all the nodes are cleaned up.