Does Service Discovery allow integration to External DNS

Hi ,

I’ve used Consul for Service discovery previously and I was able to use Bind to integrate that to my existing DNS infrastructure.

Do Rancher Service Discovery allow integration to external DNS or would this require managing two separate SD’s


Containers on the managed network have their resolv.conf point to the Rancher DNS service inside the network agent on their host.

It answers questions for services that are linked together and sends anything it doesn’t have an answer for up to a recursive server. Normally this would be your hosting/isp’s DNS or Google/OpenDNS but it could be a resolver you control (@ibuildthecloud how?)

Thanks @vincent, this would address my used cases. as we are still in the exploratory phase it is good to know some of features will also be release with the new version

You control the DNS server we delegate to through the standard DNS setting on the docker daemon (docker -d --dns). We could probably make that setting container specific, right now it is set once for the daemon.

Thanks @ibuildthecloud, If the setting could be allowed at specific containers also it would very helpful. for us to use that feature to integrate the external and internal services