Does SLES 12 will support PHP 5.4?

Acording to these release notes, there will be an upgrade to PHP 5.3 but I see no mention of PHP 5.4.

Do you know something about official PHP 5.4 support for SLES 12?

Thanks in advance.

You say 'these release notes" but you do not link to whatever you are referring to. Any release notes for SLES 12 will be a work in progress.

In another post
You talked about scarring a new service using the Beta, something you could only do if you have access to the Beta. If you have access to the SLES 12 Beta then you know which version of PHP is included. As such I’m a bit puzzled as to why you are asking.

These release notes:

So, no idea if it will support PHP 5.4?


Good question, but for a beta list. Since 5.5 is actually out, I’d bet at
least 5.4 would be present in SLES 12, especially since 5.3 is available
in SLES 11. With that said, it’s all theory/speculation on my part.

Good luck.

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I see from your other thread that you do not have Beta access after all.

[QUOTE=jonvargas;22698]These release notes:
Well section 5.2.1 says PHP 5.3 but at the start of that section it says ‘CHECKIT:SLE11.3’ and the contents of the section is identical to section 6.1.10 of the SLES 11 SP3 release notes which means at least some of the versions currently in the SLES 12 release notes are not representative of what SLES 12 will ship with. Given SLES 11 SP3 has 5.3, I’d expect something newer in SLES 12, but I don’t actually know.