~>domainname shows nothing

I’m trying to install some IBM software that needs a qualified host name like localhost.localdomain. I can set the machine’s host and domain names through the YAST2 network admin application, but the console command 'domainname" returns no domain name at all.

If anyone can tell me what I’m missing and can point me to what I need to know and do, that would be very much appreciated.



AFAIK, you need to add the switch…

domainname --help
domainname -f
hostname -f

Did you also check the box in YaST to add it to the loopback address?

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Hi Curt,

man 1 domainname might be helpful:

hostname - show or set the system’s host name
domainname - show or set the system’s NIS/YP domain name
dnsdomainname - show the system’s DNS domain name
nodename - show or set the system’s DECnet node name[/QUOTE]

“domainname” will report the NIS domain - your question sounds like you’re after the DNS domain name, so use “dnsdomainname” instead.