Download new rancher infrastructure images from custom registry

When upgrading our Rancher server from 1.1.x to 1.2.x we noticed that we need a bunch of images that are not downloaded from the registry I configured in Rancher server. Is this a known problem?

If so, it would be very convenient if I weren’t obliged to download all images manually on all servers where Rancher agents run.

It is “known”, but not what we consider a “problem”. The services are split up into separate images so that they can be upgraded independently, disabled if not needed, or swapped out for other implementations (e.g. vxlan instated of the IPSec overlay network).

Hi Vincent, thanks for your reply.

I mean that it would be great if Rancher would use your custom registry to pull the images from that Rancher uses. Now I have to make the images available on every single host, which is quite cumbersome.