Download packages from different SLES versions

Hi all,
I’m working on a kernel module and would like to support multiple SLES versions (12.X & 15.X)
To compile the kernel I need to download the kernel-devel and kernel-default-devel packages.

I know that the packages are saved in different repo for each version, but
Is there any way to add the repo or even just download those packages in my SLES 12.3 machine? (for example download 12.4 kernel-devel on my SLES 12.3 machine).

The only solution I found was to create docker for each version and download from there, but seems a lot of effort and not ideally since in future I would like to support more.

Thanks in advance,


IMHO the easiest way would be to setup a RMT server? Repository Mirroring Tool Guide | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3
how would you do this with another distro?