DRBD in SLES 12 with High Availability Extension Config


Has anybody configured DRBD dual primary on SLES 12 with the High Availability Extension pack installed?

I have found a number of configurations in forums etc, however, none appear to work for me.

I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction as this is driving me around the bend.


Using the standard drbd resources has an interesting effect on my 2 nodes. If I start the resource manually in hawk they quickly go to slave state on both nodes. However, when they try promote it fails on both nodes stating, in logs, that device needs to be in an uptodate state before being able to be promoted.

Please note, manually starting and promoting the devices on both nodes gives no such error and just works.

When I perform a ‘clean up’ on the master-slave resource for drbd, both nodes promote to master without failure. After this, performing demotion, promotion, and stop actions on the master-slave resource works fine.

I decided to see what would happen if I shut down both nodes and powered them up again. I was pleasently surprised to see that the master-slave resourse came up and both nodes were promoted to master state-what I was needing.

Not sure why manually starting the ms resource fails without a cleanup, but im happy it starts from boot into master.